STUDIO HIGHFIVESANDSTAGEDIVES believes in the impact of culture, storytelling, and emotions for brands, people, and product!

STUDIO HIGHFIVESANDSTAGEDIVES believes in empowering brands, people, and product through cultural credibility.

STUDIO HIGHFIVESANDSTAGEDIVES leads by example, and fulfills the idea of an export of culture in an authentic way combining lifestyle and knowledge.

89% of consumers consider a brand’s cultural relevance a key purchase consideration.*

85% say cultural relevance makes them either more loyal and/or more likely to consider switching brands.*

60% of Gen-Z state, that the cultural stream they feel they belong to, has an impact on which brands they like.**

*Source:; “What You Need to Know About the Culturally Conscious Consumer“
**Source:; “Ambition Score 2022“


STUDIO HIGHFIVESANDSTAGEDIVES is a playground of Brand Consultancy & Culture Communications.

STUDIO HIGHFIVESANDSTAGEDIVES was born in concert halls and in recording studios; on skateboarding spots and on basketball courts; on the streets and in office-rooms.

With STUDIO HIGHFIVESANDSTAGEDIVES I help building relationships, support & connect people, brands, subcultures, tell their stories, and transform customers into fans. It’s consultancy & communication, it’s opening doors & minds, it’s data & storytelling.

My name is Amadeus „Ama“ Thuener – and I’m a Subculture Connaisseur. I was born in Oelde, Germany in 1985. I worked in the music industry for GUN Label Group (Sony/BMG) in Bochum, shared an office at leading skateboarding & streetwear retailer TITUS in Muenster, was in charge of the marketing department of hip-hop and fashion retailer (EMP) in Lingen and Berlin, and worked in different roles for almost every communications agency in Berlin (e. g. DEPT, BOLD Berlin, Zucker. Berlin, KMB, M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment). At the same time I was author for German hip-hop-bible Juice Magazin (for 10 years) and for TätowierMagazin (8 years), and co-author of “Erfolgsformel Hip-Hop: Ambition und Underdog-Mindset als Businessfaktor“ (Campus Verlag, 2021). I supported German rap-legend Azad in 2 of his album campaigns that reached #1 and #3 of the German album charts; I wrote press releases for German rap-icon Kool Savas and comedian Oliver Polak; I accompanied German musician Olson on tour; I hosted different interview formats for Apple Music, Red Bull Music, Diffus Magazine, and TITUS TV; and in 2018 I founded the biggest German lifestyle & fashion and first German speaking sneaker & streetwear podcast OH, SCHUHEN!, which was named as one of the most creative formats of the year 2019 in fashion business outlet TextilWirtschaft. HEARTWORKINGCLASS.

In September 2021, I  founded STUDIO HIGHFIVESANDSTAGEDIVES to combine everything I do and love to a playground of work in Brand Consultancy and Culture Communications, and having a place to stay for my friends.

„Amadeus is a Street-Culture Expert!“ (TextilWirtschaft)

„Amadeus is the Sneaker King!“ (Berliner Zeitung)




Step 1: The ID Guide

The analysis of the status quo to fully understand the possible potential of the brand on the playground.

Step 2: The Cultural Script

The setup of the next steps, the creation of a strategy, and the definition of what to do, in order to achieve the goal(s), and implement the new approach in an authentic way, mixing storytelling and emotions with product and sales.

Step 3: The Connecting the Dots

The implementation of tasks, and the addition of the right people if needed.

Step 4: The Culture Workshop

Sharing knowledge.

Step 5: The First Look

What’s coming next? What are the trends? Let’s talk!


Public & Influencer Relations

Social Media Strategy

Management & Marketing


Podcast & Video Production